You will feel comforted by the depth of our knowledge in this subject area, our extensive experience and the sense of humanity we bring to each case.

Our advocates have extensive experience in private law applications such as Maintenance, Parental Responsibility, Contact, Prohibited Steps (Non Removal), Domestic Violence / Non Molestation, and in the Juvenile Court in respect of Child Care cases involving Interim and Community Parenting Orders, special contact and adoption.

5 The Grange offers a full range of Matrimonial services. We can provide you with information to help you understand your legal position regarding your children, your home and your assets in order that you can plan and decide your future. Once you have chosen your desired route, our advocates will guide you through the process.

We offer the following Family services:

Parental Responsibility



Domestic Violence/Non Molestation

Non Removal/Prohibited Steps/Specific Issue Orders


We offer the following Child Care services:

Child Care, Interim and Community Parenting Orders


Child Youth & Community Tribunal

We offer the following Matrimonial services:

Judicial Separation



Orders in relation to Children

Financial Settlement: Real Property, Assets & Liabilities